Effective TPL Plan Components That Ensures Cost Avoidance

13 Sep Effective TPL Plan Components That Ensures Cost Avoidance

In the previous postings, we discussed the three main “practices” states should adopt in order to cost avoid and save taxpayer money. For states to have a truly effective TPL plan, timely discovery of any additional coverage is needed at the time of Medicaid enrollment. Also, cost avoidance discovery must be immediate when claims are made, and claims that were paid in error need to be recovered swiftly. The ideal scenario is one in which federal directives and state laws merge to form a truly comprehensive DRA Policy that recognizes additional health insurance coverage with quick recovery of each claim.


A Thorough TPL State Program Contains:

  • The active identification of other coverage at enrollment
  • The quick avoidance of the cost of claims
  • The ability to recover claims paid incorrectly

If adopted by all states, the preceding ideas lend toward the meaningful recovery of money for state Medicaid agencies, along with the saving of money. The onus of these economic times is to do more with less money. And, as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) becomes effective on Jan. 1, 2014, Medicaid claims will increase. That’s why bolstering DRA-compliant legal language within all states will lend to better cost recovery and additional savings for the healthcare of the entire nation.


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