Save Your Medicaid Plan Millions In Unnecessary Costs

Syrtis Solutions’ ProTPL program provides accurate and active eligibility data that can be delivered to payers of last resort in time to cost avoid claims and mitigate improper payments.


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The first step to gaining insight into how ProTPL will benefit your organization is for Syrtis Solutions to conduct a free quantitative claims analysis, so that we can, in empirical terms, show you exactly how much your organization can save.


Seamlessly integrates without disrupting existing processes

Discover OHI quickly and prospectively cost avoid future claims

Leverage the largest and most complete database of active healthcare coverage data in the nation.

Mitigate the need for pay and chase

“The coronavirus pandemic has generated both a public health crisis and an economic crisis, with major implications for Medicaid, a countercyclical program. During economic downturns, more people enroll in Medicaid, increasing program spending at the same time state tax revenues may be falling.”


Medicaid’s Billion-Dollar Problem

In 2019 the GAO reported that Medicaid was responsible for almost one-third of all government-wide improper payments. These improper payments in Medicaid typically stem from third party liability (TPL) claims payments, amounting to a staggering $57.4 billion in wasteful spending.

To reign in these improper payments, numerous laws have been passed, regulations have been formulated, hearings have been held, GAO and OIG reports have been written and given to Congress. All have been aimed at improving the TPL process, thereby reducing Medicaid liabilities; nonetheless, states struggle with prompt, accurate determinations of TPL. Despite legislative efforts and existing TPL processes, Medicaid improper payments have risen to a rate of 14.9% in 2019.

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