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Recent reports from the HHS OIG and the Louisiana Auditor General have indicated a high rate of Medicaid improper payments due to incorrectly determining Medicaid eligibility. The Senate Finance Committee wrote CMS on March 1st to inform the agency of their concerns over the...

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16 Apr Billions Lost Due To Improper Medicaid Payments

Medicaid is losing billions of dollars from improper payments. According to HHS Agency Financial Reports, improper Medicaid payments reached $30 billion in 2015 and grew to almost $37 billion in 2017. The vast majority of these improper payments were determined to be improper claims payments...

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17 Mar The Increasing Cost of Improper Payments Made by Mediciad

Federal agencies issued an assessed $136.7 billion in incorrect payments during fiscal year 2015, the greatest yearly tally since 2004 when agencies first began reporting data on the subject. As in past years, the Medicare and Medicaid programs accounted for the majority of the overall total...

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