Unreported Coverage

About 13% of Medicaid recipients have unreported primary coverage.


Dollars Recovered

On average less than 17% of the dollars billed to primary insurers are paid back to plans that paid claims in error.


Wasteful Spending

56% of all improper payments in the Medicaid program due to eligibility errors.


The industry needed a solution for the challenges of data quality and timeliness.

The Medicaid market needed a technology based solution that fits in with any TPL program.

The solution needed to provide Active coverage on Utilizing members (Not old – stale data).

The solution needed to provide Active coverage in Real-Time.

The solution needed to replace “Pay & Chase” with prospective “Cost Avoidance”.




Claims are checked against an e-prescribing master patient index of over 280 million commercially covered lives. This is the largest and most complete database of active healthcare coverage in the nation. This means your Medicaid plan will obtain the best and latest eligibility responses when you need them – saving you the cost of recovery.




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